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Welcome to Tree Tech Enterprises Ltd.


Tree Tech Enterprises Ltd. has been providing land clearing, logging, mulching, heavy equipment hauling and environment specialist services for nearly 25 years in the industry. We work with the utmost respect for the environment while providing services to businesses like oil companies, completing thousands of kilometers clearing and mulching among other things.

Tree Tech logged, cleared and mulched more than 300 kilometers of pipeline and power line space in 2012 alone, including 33 well-pads and 278 leases. We also completed hundreds of kilometers of 2 and 3D seismic mulching as well.

Safety Sign

Accident-free Company

Tree Tech has the honourable distinction of being accident-free during the entire existence of the company. That’s nearly 25 years of safety thanks to our employees, most of whom have been with us since the company started back in 1990. Our extensive training program is geared not only toward keeping new employees safe, but also veteran employees as well. Tree Tech Enterprises Ltd. is ISNet World and C.O.R. (Certificate of Recognition) Certified.

Mission Statement 

It is the mission of Tree Tech Enterprises Ltd. to leverage all logging capabilities and apply new techniques to improve production and quality while providing a safe and consistent environment for employees, contractors and visitors. Additionally we commit to fulfilling the requirements of our customers regardless of challenges while at the same time working to minimize the environmental impact of our logging operations.